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Ambientazioni Virtuali - Virtual Room Scenes, is an Effige trade mark. Effige is a graphic and communication company established 15 years ago and has an extensive and unique experience in virtual room scenes and photoinsertions.

We insert products and materials such as floor and wall coverings, wood, laminate, wall-to-wall carpets, stones, marble and glass as well as fittings and furniture: sofas, beds, mirrors, faucets, lamps, and fireplaces.

We have a wide photographic bank divided by subject and style, from which to select the room scenes to process. You may request a thematic selection and we shall be pleased to submit it to you.

Our new customers will be offered the opportunity of inserting their product at very convenient rates.

The images are granted for temporary or exclusive use and can be published or otherwise used but subject to prior agreement.

Special care is given to lights and shades, reflections and surface effects and to the chromatic integration with the surrounding room and photobackground objects.

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